Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jamie Foxx is Smooth

Creepy, cross-eyed weirdo Jamie Foxx was caught working out at some gym somewhere and was forced to catch a football that was thrown at 100 miles per hour or something. I only skimmed the article so I have no idea what's going on, I can't help it, the guy makes my skin crawl. When asked if he felt pressured to catch such a bewilderingly fast (!) moving object or whatever he responded...
Are you saying there's pressure? You know what I do to pressure? I make love to pressure.
See? Who the fuck talks like that? Okay maybe Billy Dee Williams in a malt liquor commercial from 1975 but c'mon. Later he was spotted wearing a $900 full length mink coat, and bell bottoms while getting into his $6,000 Cadillac Eldorado.

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