Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Olivia Jade is Still Somebody

 Remember Olivia Jade? Probably not. She's an "influencer" that became actually famous - at least momentarily - because her mom bought her way into college and then went to prison for doing her that favor.  I wonder if she ever got coronavirus? So anyway, life went on, everybody except dumb 20 year olds forgot Olivia Jade existed, and her arc concludes with her (Olivia) taking her chicken legs and appearing on Dancing With the Stars. Which is pretty much what washed up celebrity - "celebrity" - types do these days. I didn't even know that was still on TV.

 I don't know whether she won or lost because the only thing I care less about than Olivia Jade is whoever Pete Davidson is dating now, especially since he seems mostly attracted to skanks. Which, believe me, I totally understand, I suppose it's a phase we all go through. Fortunately for me I don't need to see the skanks I dated on Yahoo! News or wherever the fuck they write about these gross people.

Elle Evans Needs New Music

Matt Bellamy took his wife Elle Evans somewhere. Judging by their clothes I'd guess it was a Spacehog concert.  But I'm pretty sure they did something else I just don't know what. He's 43 and she's 31, did you know that? Pretty neat huh. Too bad they look like he's 53 and she's 41 but they're English and they always look 10 years older than they are so who's lying, them? Or me. I'm not suggesting Elle isn't hot, she obviously is I mean just look at her in her outfit she got at Hot Topic that morning. So listen Elle, if you get tired of that Bozo and want to go to a really good concert for once, just give me a call.


Monday, November 22, 2021

Jesse James Decker has Awful Taste in Clothes

 I write about Jesse James Decker a lot now, but I won't if she keeps wearing those shoes. And that dress? I mean c'mon. You need to let me dress you Jess (I call her Jess), you'd be shocked at how good I would be at it. Want to try? It'll be fun!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Lady Gaga. Horse Face

Remember when I said Lady Gaga went back and forth between being attractive and being really weird looking? Look, I brought receipts as the kids say. She was with Adam Driver at something for some movie called House of Gucci I think, and who gives a fuck. I can't believe I have to keep talking about these two camel faced assholes, and that I have to keep writing this ridiculous blog.

 It was for his 38th birthday I believe. Happy birthday Andre Previn. Here's a little tip for Lady Gaga. Maybe lay of the salt, if you know what I'm getting at tubby.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Site Update

 I don't have anything ready "for print" just now, BUT I am working on an opinion piece about the latest on Superwhore Kim Kardashian and noted comic crack head Pete Davidson. Remember it's just my opinion, but it's most likely correct since it usually is. I'll hit the PUBLISH button this afternoon as son as it's done. I don't do too many of these but this one will be easy.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Happy Anniversary

 Today is the day in 1978 that Jim Jones and all of his followers offed themselves in the steaming jungles of Guyana. This is where the phrase "drink the Kool-Aid" comes from even though it was actually grape Flavor-Aid laced with cyanide they chugged. Honestly, if you're stupid and gullible enough to join a cult, you probably should kill yourself. Good riddance and godspeed socialist warriors.

Heidi Klum Looks Bad

 I'm only writing about Heidi Klum again so soon because what she's wearing looks awful. This high-waisted fad has got to end. I mean that really looks horrendous, and she's Heidi Klum. Imagine how bad they look on yo- I mean a regular person.