Thursday, February 27, 2020

Juliette Lewis is Shiny

Juliette Lewis was on Seth Meyers' late night talk show, "Late Night With a Grinning Unfunny Idiot", to talk about her new Facebook series? What the Hell is that? Facebook makes television shows now? Just another thing I won't watch.  Anyway, I've always liked her. Like really like her, if you catch my drift. I don't even care that she's a Scientologist. Hey who knows, maybe I'd convert for her, why not? Did you know this is her father? He's one of those guys where you go, "Oh yeah him!" Anyhoo this wraps up my Juliette Lewis news I'd just like to end this by saying, I LOVE YOU JULIETTE

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Elsa Pataky is on the Hoof

Elsa Pataky was out walking around last week. Without her "husband" as usual. I can't be the only one that notices this am I?  I don't remember why, or where she was going. Does this woman ever wear shoes? Listen I have to draw the line somewhere. Would it kill you to get a pair of flip-flops or something? Maybe her "husband" is one of those sick perverts that has a thing for women with dirty feet.

Amanda Bynes Got a Tattoo

Amanda Bynes got a tattoo on her face. I mean right in the middle of her face. Evidentially she's "troubled" so I'm just going to leave it at that. Her boyfriend looks like a pretty typical idiot, so I'm not sure which thing is the bigger mistake.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Hi Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is so cute. That inbred, horse-faced idiot wouldn't have stood a chance if he wasn't The Duke of Earl or whatever he is

Julianne Moore Explodes onto the Scene

It looks like the #resistance welcomed Julianne Moore to their ranks. She joined up to be in charge of their demolition/explosives/pipe bomb division. It looks to me like they've made the right choice

Monday, February 24, 2020

An Elizabeth Hurley Moratorium

Elizabeth Hurley was in a bikini in the Maldives. Again. I'm not writing about her anymore. How much more boring can you get. In fact I kind of feel bad for her. All that money and fame and beauty and this is what she does. It's really kind of sad, I've started to get the feeling this is sort of like picking on her and I don't want to do that.  I've honestly started to hope all of these ultra-dull pictures are hiding some kind of secret, sordid, hedonistic, orgy filled lifestyle or something. Anything would be better than this.

Just Some Shirtless Bros

Remember when I said I'd find more shirtless guys to write about for the ladies? Well looky here, I did just that. KJ Apa(?) and Charles Melton(?). Just a couple of friends, out on a hike with their shirts off just like guys do all the time. They were said to be out on a hike. Probably exploring. Their sexuality.  They're both on "Riverdale: The Show for Morons". I still don't get how an Archie comic gets turned into a television drama aimed at middle aged housewives living in Nebraska or Oklahoma. Are they vampires? I bet they're vampires or something like that. Crime solving cowboys? Whatever it is, I'd rather spend an afternoon chewing on tin foil than sit through even 10 minutes of this show.