Friday, April 9, 2021

Khloe Kardashian Looks Different

 Khloe Kardashian is trying to scrub this unfiltered selfie a disgruntled assistant posted to Reddit and Instagram from the internet, and I don't blame her at all. If you didn't tell me, I wouldn't even know that's Khloe Kardashian. She doesn't even look good enough to be an Instagram model. Seriously what happens if you get kidnapped or go missing? How will anyone know who you are, and even if you tell them, who would believe you?

Iggy Azalea is Popular

 Iggy Azalea posted a bunch of private messages from various "celebrities" and "rappers" (ED: their description, not mine) begging her for sex. She hid their names so I don't know which ones, but if she's interested she better hurry before they get gunned down somewhere. 

 I don't know why she did this, but my guess is it's some sort of bizarre brag. Imagine being desperate enough to beg Izzy Azalea for sex. One even offered to pay her. Of all the famous, wealthy, attractive women in the world you landed on her. Seriously. 

 You guys really need to try to up your standards a little bit. Aim a little higher, I mean, wouldn't you rather be turned down by Margot Robbie? "I asked Margot Robbie to sleep with me but she said no." Ooorr  I asked to sleep with Iggy Azalea but she said no." Which sounds better and frankly, more realistic? 







Here's that Jhonni Blaze story I told you about where I got that take down notice in case you want to read the "offending" story. You don't. Seriously, who gives a shit about this person? Guys with $6000 rims on their car that live in $300 a month apartments? Anyway, if you want to read it, here it is . I removed whatever I thought might be the reason for it's take down including a link and a picture. 

I looked for a new picture of her to go along with this but decided it was better to just have no photos of her at all. Take my word for it.

So it is copy and pasted for all to see...

I guess Jhonni Blaze is on a TV show called 'Love and Hip Hop New York'  And of course she has a sex tape now because who doesn't? If you can't watch Animal Planet on the mating habits of the Florida manatee right now I bet you could probably find it online somewhere...

I like to joke I don't care....... But this is what happens when you or your daddy's connect fall through with the drugs and you relapse on the red carpet.... Wtf is she wearing? She got her daddy cup on in her pants LOL"
She added that she's been a "thot" in the past and said that's how she knows Diamond is one now.
"she in them cars and bathrooms with rich and Cisco to much LOL".

I linked the story I found on her right here and I even included that blurb but I have no idea what they're talking about or if that even sends you to the link. I read it twice but I don't speak ghetto idiot so I still don't know what it says.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Amanda Yadda Yadda Yadda

 Amanda Holden, yakety yakety... hot tub blahdy blah... bikini humpa humpa. I have no idea what the point is of these things they post. How can someone this attractive and wealthy be so boring. If I had all this spare time to get dolled up and post this nonsense instead of, you know, actually working, I'd walk over to the animal shelter and volunteer to walk a dog or maybe hose out a couple of cages or something for an hour to help out.  Is this how empty and devoid of meaning your life is? Don't you people know any girls? Is this what you use the internet for? Looking at endless pictures of the same three people in bikinis, and their underwear? It's unbelievable. 

Monday, April 5, 2021

Simon Cowell is Dumb

 Simon Cowell got ice cream with his kid, and then walked around outside in the sun and the breeze in a mask. You know, 100 million people in this country - that's 1/3 of the population -  have had at least half the vaccine. I think it's time you start getting your head around that. Wearing a mask outdoors, and mostly anywhere at this point, is kind of making you look ridiculous. And I'm not necessarily against mask wearing, I have to wear one for work so it's not as if I don't think they served their purpose but that's done now. Time to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and move on with your life. What's it like to live in constant fear like that?

Jessika Power is Somebody

I saved this picture of Jessika Power and even a link to the source story so I could write about her. But now I really don't remember why. Maybe it was to tell you girls that spell Jessika with a 'K' can't be trusted.  You'll wake up one day and you're credit cards are maxed out, your car is gone, and she ran off with your friend Rich. 

 Isn't that right. Jessika.




Maren Morris has a Body

 Maren Morris said she's proud of her "post baby body" (left) and you know what? So am I

'am never saying “trying to get my body back” again. no one took it, i didn’t lose it like a set of keys,' she captioned a snap of her flaunting her curves in bed.

'the pressure we put on mothers to “snap back” is insurmountable and deeply troublesome,' she added.

 Okay 30 year old. I love how they call that "curvy", which is exactly the same word they use to describe Lizzo, and she walks around looking like a hippopotamus with a gland problem. I think they need to get a new range of words to describe these people. Maren Morris still makes music but I have no idea what kind, and I'll never find out as long as I live. Frankly, I like her more in the picture on the left than the one on the right, where she was at some awards ceremony looking like Morticia Addams going out to dinner at Chez Louis or whatever but I'm not married to her so I can't say anything.