Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Elizabeth Hurley Topless

I wasn't going to write about Elizabeth Hurley's latest mostly naked Instagram photo no matter how badly I wanted too because I didn't want to overwhelm this already Elizabeth Hurley heavy time of the year, but there was that whole unfortunate naked Greg Norman thing a few minutes ago so I needed something less...manly? You know what I mean. Anyway thanks Lizzy your a real life saver. And what I mean is,  I'd love to wear you around my neck if you get my drift. 

Greg Norman Naked

Here's golf legend Greg Norman naked. Why is he naked? Who knows, he's from Australia so maybe he's trying to wash all the blood out of his clothes. They're all criminals you know. He's 62 years old in case you were wondering. I wasn't, but you're the damn weirdo so I know you'd probably want that information. Have fun being naked you damn show off.

Justin Bateman is Hot

After I published the last piece I continued reading the original source story which I almost never do because I almost never read it at all. I mean, who gives a shit? Anyway, as I scrolled down I discovered that Justin "The World's Most Punchable Face" Bateman was also at the Jen/Husband dinner thing. Probably where they discussed fashion and maybe to figure out why Justin was wearing a jacket in New York on Monday when the high temperature was 89 degrees. Aren't you hot man? Seriously. Hey man, where's your sister?

Jennifer Aniston Ripped Her Pants

Jennifer Aniston and her husband (picture not available/name unknown) went out to dinner last night. I don't know the name of the place they had dinner but I'm sure it was very hip, kind of like Jennifer's jeans. Keep in mind,  I'm a fashion expert and I'm not a huge fan of ripped jeans. Unless they were ripped during some kind of action sport like parkour or maybe skateboarding like mine were. Hey Jen check out this wheelie. Who's your husband now baby.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Site News

Man, there ain't shit to write about so I haven't written anything. Summer is usually pretty slow but I've never seen it like this. And I was already scraping the bottom of the barrel for the last week or two as it was, and there are only so many ways to say you want to have sex with Elizabeth Hurley or Jennifer Aniston without coming right out and saying it like I did just now. Hopefully something will turn up somewhere that doesn't involve around the clock coverage of the one time Donald Trump ordered food from a Russian restaurant back in the 80's or something. So I'll look around and hopefully something will turn up.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday With Eva Longoria

Uuuuhh... What is happening to Eva Longoria? I bet it's for a part in a movie right? She'll go back to the way she normally looks soon right?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Howdy Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman appears on the cover of Love Magazine for reasons no one seemed to mention. And I actually read the story for once. She's 50 years old, did I mention that? Did I also mention that I don't care? Because I don't. And if you care you're either scared or gay. My guess would be the later I mean look at you. Give me a call Nicole. Wear the hat.