Monday, January 14, 2013

Jodie Foster Talks Too Much

Holy shit Jodie Foster is gay?!  Man I never would've guessed. Was that girl's high school basketball coach a lesbian too?? What is the world coming too?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Uh Oh We Got a Bad Ass here

I know it seems like I'm picking on a little kid, but I have no idea who Harry Styles is or why he's famous. I do know he's dating a MILF, but I guess when you're 12 everybody is a MILF.  I also know he's a bad boy. How do I know that? He's got tattoos. Whoa look out. Are you sure you want to bring him home to meet your parents?  Bird tattoos, hearts, hip area tattoos? Are we sure he's even a boy? Are boys supposed to get tattoos on their inguinal area? If you're girlfriend doesn't know where "it" is and needs an arrow, or a map maybe it's time to move up the age ladder a little bit.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Stephanie Seymour Looks Okay

Oh dear God. Stephanie Seymour wandered around some sun baked paradise in a bikini because she can, and holy shit she's 44? I personally know 24 year olds that don't look even half this good. I'm going to link the page I stole this from but only so you can read the comments on the story bitching about the fact that she's smoking in one of the pictures. If you're a gay man that can't appreciate a 5' 10" woman that looks like a comic book super-heroine come to life, or a bitchy 16 year old high school freshman cheerleader, then I suppose you have to find something to bitch about because she could be eating a plate of fried kittens for all I care.

And yes I realize it's starting to look like this is slowly turning into the hot middle aged woman page, but it's my page and all the internet has to do is quit providing me with pictures of hot middle aged women and I'll stop.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013

I guess this is how former super models ring in the new year. It kinda looks like the opening of something you'd see at but what I do on my down time is really none of your business. Keep in mind as you look at that picture that Cindy Crawford is 46 years old now and I know genetics probably have as much to do with looking good past 30 as anything else (as I've written about before), but whatever.  If you feel like you have to hate on really good looking, and sexy people that are over 30 like me, and Cindy Crawford that's your problem not mine.