Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Bet It Was Like Ocean's 11.

Bam Magera got pinched in Iceland for trashing a rental car, because I guess now Iceland has a police force, and Bam Majora broke the law. It was reported he caused $8,000 in damage to a rental car.

  Here's the TMZ link if you're interested otherwise just read this...

...basically, Bam allegedly rented a Toyota Landcruiser from Hertz when he visited the country back in 2012.  According to officials, Bam returned the car in TERRIBLE shape 5 days after the rental period was over -- but never paid for the damage, fees and other costs associated with the ride.  Then, he left the country ...
 Bam  Marrerra was "on tour" in Iceland for some reason. Why? I'm not really sure but I bet he was showing off his new clothing line that I'm guessing he's calling "1994".

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