Friday, February 12, 2016

A New Supergroup is on the Horizon

AFI singer Davy Havok and a Gwen Steffan-less No Doubt are forming what somebody -- who apparently is unaware of what the word supergroup means -- is calling a supergroup. I was basically "that age" when No Doubt were new and fresh and guess how many No Doubt members I can name. I'll give you a hint. It's one. Now guess which one that is. Right. It's Gwen Stefani. Don't even ask me who Davy Havok or AFI is. So If they're putting their little group together to meet for coffee, more power too them.  Maybe they can name it after how they dress. "Guys in their mid to late 40's that are trying way way to hard"

Andra Day is Adventurous

"Recording artist" Andra Day arrived at the Black Women in Music Awards Sponsored by the Lincoln Motor Company dressed up like an evil gang leader from a 1950's Walt Disney movie. Maybe she was the leader of a gang of hoodlums that were there to steal everybody's Lincoln LS so they could make a giant Lincoln LS robot and conquer the world only to be foiled by a feisty pair of 11 year olds and a smart mouthed parrot.

Tilda Swinton is Ready for Action

Tilda Swinton was at the Berlin red carpet thingy for her new movie "Hail Caeser" dressed in her best GI Joe clothes. I wonder... what if she wants to wear a wet-suit? Does she have to buy the whole Navy SEAL action pack (with grenades!) or can she just order the pants. Because what if you ruin a pair and have to order a new set? What do you do with all those extra spear guns and SCUBA tanks?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Site News

I have some stuff going on, I'll see you guys in a day or two.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Beyonce Cleans Up the Streets

I didn't watch Beyonce's special throwback halftime show from 1975, but the Dragon Sister left out Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly and it's a damn shame too, you know them cats really shoulda been there. Later after the game, she and her Nubian Princess Army attacked and killed off all of the evil white guys in the CIA and the Mafia -- or "The Man" as they're better known-- because they've been flooding the streets with an extra pure secret heroin formula that's been killing off all the good strong, smart brothers through the slavery of addiction.

Natasha Oakley Wears a Bikini

Here's bikini model Natasha Oakley in a bikini. I chose this picture instead of the one showing her face because she always looks like a snotty, spoiled rotten 24 year old girl that stands through open limousine sunroofs screaming "woooo!" at everybody. Keep up the good work wearing those bikinis Natasha. You're the only one there is and you could never, ever be replaced.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rose McGowan is Single Again

Rose McGowan is filing for divorce from her husband Davey Details. I'm not sure what happened but she cited "irreconcilable differences". My guess would be it was because of his stupid name. I'm not surprised she's getting divorced so much as I was surprised to hear she was married in the first place. How come I didn't know that? Well whatever that's all in the past now, and if you need me I'm here for you Rose. I'll be your rock. You didn't need him anyway that guy was a real jerk here have some wine.