Friday, July 31, 2015

Hilaria Baldwin Does Yoga by a Baby

The Daily Mail has a weird fixation on Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Baldwin  I really have no idea why. What am I missing? Does anyone even talk about Alec Baldwin anymore? Unless it involves the phrase "assault and battery" or "stuffs his face" my guess is no. But I guess she does yoga so I suppose it worked on me because I clicked on the story to look at an attractive bendy woman doing bendy yoga things. Later, maybe she'll fire up that EZ Bake oven and cook up some gluten free muffins or whatever the hell it is these yoga hippies eat.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lena Dunham Leads a Double Life

Lena Dunham was out jogging in New York showing off her new look. I think it's called Dennis and he's now an auditor with the accounting firm Anchin Block & Anchin on Broadway, Suite 18.

Pointless Brooke Burke Story

Brooke Burke was at an award ceremony with her husband David Charvet but I forgot which ceremony because I closed the tab before I wrote this and I'm not searching for it again so this story might go off the rails pretty quick. I have a good excuse though. I didn't look for the story because I have other more important things to do. For instance, I'd like to mention to Brooke that I'm 6'1 and since Brooke is 5'7 it appears her husband is around 5'10? Maybe? In case she ever reads this I'd also bring up the fact that don't have a faux-hawk. I will freely admit that I don't own a tuxedo but let's not get all highfalutin just yet okay miss big shot? I said I'd get one okay get off my back.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Elyse Taylor is Sort of Like Hitler

Australian super model Elyse Taylor hassome advice for you if you want to take the perfect selfie and it's pretty simple.
Filter everything!
Gee thanks for that Earth shattering advice Elyse I never would've thought of that. I've seen some girls profile pictures that are so filtered they look like a goddamn cartoon. I'm not even sure I'd recognize them if I saw them in person. And there was another Australian that thought you should filter everything to fool people. That's right it was Hitler. Or maybe that was Austria. I'm not sure now I can't know everything if you want answers why don't you try reading a book.

Brooklyn Blue Kicked off the X Factor

I don't know who Brooklyn Blue is (real name Becky Constantinou) and I would never have recognized her, but apparently some security guard did and after making it through three rounds of tryouts for the X Factor in the UK and she says because of it she was "grassed up" whatever the hell that means.  I assume it means kicked off.
Becky, who according to her IMDB profile has starred in ten porn films and adult TV series, explains: 'I know X Factor is a family show, but porn shouldn't define who I am. I was never going to put on a sex show for Simon.'
 As far as porn stars go she's okay I guess. I was going to post a different picture but they're all either very sexually explicit -- which I actually don't mind so much -- or they're her in the back of limos doing the sideways peace sign with a crooked baseball hat making a kissy face and I don't want anything that disgusting on my blog.

Site News

I have some important real life stuff happening today so I'll write something later if I get the chance or if I feel like it. If not try going outside or play with your dog or something.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Jessica Simpson and Kylie Jenner in Battling Bathing Suits

35 year old Jessica Simpson got all catty and decided to show up teenager Kylie Jenner on Instagram by wearing the same exact bathing suit that Kylie also wore on Instagram just a week earlier. Who wore it better? I have admit I'm torn, but I have to go with Jessica.  I think I'd prefer a sexy bathing suit on a woman that, unlike a 17 year old, could buy her own alcohol if she had too. I'm not getting involved in that kind of mess again.