Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Somebody needs a razor

Jennifer Aniston and Henry David Theroux or whatever his name is, returned from Europe and promptly blew $21 million dollars on a house. $21 million? For just two people? And it had no furniture. You'd think for that kind of money it might come with an old Foosball table the old owner didn't want. 
Aniston purchased an 8,500 square-foot estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean recently.The property, which comes with its own vineyard, is currently being refurbished so that it is perfect for the couple to set up home in.
Oh I see it's in her name. Right. I mean - let's not get nuts- right Jen? You're just getting married it isn't for life or anything. And that's all fine, but I think Justin is missing the bigger picture. Dude. She's already stopped shaving her legs. What's next? Crapping with the door open? Maybe a farmer's wipe while your at the zoo? I know she has all the fame, and money but do you want to spend the rest of your life sleeping next to a gorilla? Hey man it's your life.

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