Monday, July 16, 2012

Where's Charlton Heston?

Not only is Scientology crazy, but they also have shitty decorating sense. I guess the headline picture is a room in their "Super Power Building". It also sounds like they let the Japanese name stuff for them too. "Time to go to Super Power Room and worship ancestor ghost for prosperity and riches!" My guess is they found that stuff on an MGM lot when MGM was throwing out all the old sets to Soylent Green, or Rollerball. Or maybe they thought they could attach this to one of those L-1011's or whatever kind of planes they talk about launch this into space and they could call it Bespin.

Sorry I wrote this a week ago or more and then forgot all about it. It was sitting here so I figured "hey it's mostly done, and a lot of the words a spelled right so why not?"

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