Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tina Fey is a Big Bully

 Some people are blaming Tina Fey and her husband's show, "The Tina Fey Show" or whatever it's called for the death of famous plastic surgeon Dr. Frederick Brandt who committed suicide on Sunday. Not so fast say some others...
"It wasn't the only thing troubling him, it was just one factor," the source adds. "It definitely hurt him. He was absolutely upset, who would want that? But that was not why he committed suicide. But it didn't help."
In Kimmy Schmidt, released in March, Jane Krakowski's character Jacqueline Voorhees is a frequent client of plastic surgeon Dr. Grant (pronounced "Franff"), played by Martin Short, and the script ridicules his eccentric behavior and appearance.
I never heard of the doctor but you have to admit the similarities are striking. But hey, I'm not here to accuse or defend anybody of anything. What I will say is Tina Fey, and Jane Krakowski get a pass on me for this one one because they both definitely fall into my ribbon candy zone. And besides if I was accused of  causing the suicide of everyone I ever made fun of I'd be charged with crimes against humanity.

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