Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Facial Symmetry is a Puzzle

It's already been a long day and it's only 10:30 am so I could be misinterpreting this story, so maybe someone can help me out...
Many of our most famous faces prove that the old "perfect symmetry" beauty rule can (and should) be broken. In this gallery, we've flipped the pictures of your favorite stars to see what they'd look like if one side of their face was exactly the same as the other—aka perfect symmetry.Weird, right?
So, are they saying these celebrity faces are asymmetrical, therefore proving the theory of a symmetrical face wrong? Because if that's what they're saying they have failed miserably. I will suggest that Ryan Reynolds looks like a freak, but I aside from some abs, I don't know what women see in him anyway. But Halle Berry looks the same no matter what, and shes hot as fuck.  I don't know who the weirdo is in the third set of pictures.

 Am I reading this wrong? Are they saying they're symmetrical and therefore pretty? Or are they saying they are not symmetrical and therefore pretty. Because they look pretty symmetrical to me. And just for the record, this is the most I've ever used the word symmetrical in my entire life. I don't know, maybe my reading comprehension is off. It's not like I'm ever gonna have sex with any of these people anyway. At least not that they'll be aware of.

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