Friday, January 4, 2013

Stephanie Seymour Looks Okay

Oh dear God. Stephanie Seymour wandered around some sun baked paradise in a bikini because she can, and holy shit she's 44? I personally know 24 year olds that don't look even half this good. I'm going to link the page I stole this from but only so you can read the comments on the story bitching about the fact that she's smoking in one of the pictures. If you're a gay man that can't appreciate a 5' 10" woman that looks like a comic book super-heroine come to life, or a bitchy 16 year old high school freshman cheerleader, then I suppose you have to find something to bitch about because she could be eating a plate of fried kittens for all I care.

And yes I realize it's starting to look like this is slowly turning into the hot middle aged woman page, but it's my page and all the internet has to do is quit providing me with pictures of hot middle aged women and I'll stop.

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