Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Carrie Underwood Sexy Bikini Selfie

 Carrie Underwood showed off her post baby bikini body by posting a selfie of just her face on Instagram . It's pretty amazing I can barley tell she was ever even pregnant. Are they sure she even had a baby?

As Cambio puts it...
 She just posted a picture of herself in a bikini, and she looks smokin'! We don't need to see that proof anyway to know she looks good. Let's be real, she looks absolutely gorgeous no matter what size she is.

Please, this is an old Facebook trick. I had an ex once that posted one of those "from above" pictures that stretch you out and make you look slim but it was too late and by that time she had to use the Google Earth picture. Try laying off the deep fried corn fritters Beth.

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