Friday, May 29, 2015

Real Life Speeder Bikes

 Back in March the world's first manned flight for a personal tricopter happened in Hungary and Star Wars nerds everywhere shit their pants.
  On the manned flight, the Flike (think fly-bike) concept demonstrator had a takeoff weight of 210 kg (463 lb) and only made it off the ground for a few seconds, but took off and landed safely. In a subsequent manned test flight, the Flike fly meters off the ground, and was able to demonstrate hovering and maneuvering capabilities while compensating for wind in a controlled flight lasting one and a half minutes.
 Sure it's cool and all if it ever works, or is sold to the oublic and doesn't cost $275,000 but do you really want to give people that don't know how to use turn signals a flying motorcycle that has a human sized blender attached to it on every corner? Maybe they should rethink this.

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