Friday, September 4, 2015

Bob Geldof Wants To Help

 Bob Geldof had a very minor hit in the US about 40 years ago and organized Live Aid the money from which probably did more harm than good, and also might explain why somebody most people have never heard of could afford such massive homes. Hey I'm not saying anyone stole anything but really, have you seen those places?

Anyway, being the humanitarian he is, Bob Geldof offered to move four Syrian refugee families into his castles.  Wow four?! Where will he put them all?

'I'm prepared - I'm lucky, I've a place in Kent and a flat in London - me and (partner) Jeanne would be prepared to take three families immediately in our place in Kent and a family in our flat in London, immediately, and put them up until such time as they can get going and get a purchase on their future.'

There's no real joke here I just hope someone keeps an eye on this snob and holds him to his little grandstanding promise.

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