Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Alyssa Milano is What?

She's 40 years old. Holy shit! Yeah I just found out like 10 minutes ago and 'm just as surprised as you. I seriously had absolutely no idea. Yes, this is another in a seemingly endless stream of hot, "older" women stories. Older in the sense that they aren't still in high school or college, and saying "I can buy beer" to them doesn't have the usual effect.

 Her birthday is December 19, 1972. She's 5'2" tall. She has seven tattoos- An ouroboros (a snake biting its own tail) on her right wrist, a Buddhist symbol of Om on her left, rosary beads on her back, a vine of flowers on her right ankle, an angel holding a cross with her ex-fiancĂ©’s initials SRW (which now means “Single Rad Woman”) on her left, a fairy kneeling in grass on her hip, and a sacred heart on her lower back. And also she has a nice looking picture hanging over that table in her hallway.

Listen if she doesn't like me trying to get to know her better maybe she should buy some more opaque blinds.

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