Monday, June 1, 2015

Sharon Stone Wants Me Again

Sharon Stone says men are intimidated by her sexy reputation:
 ''I wish more guys would throw themselves at me. But not really. I think people believe the story that I'm sexy, and now people are afraid of me. I think people so buy into whatever you tell them that they bought the myth, they bought the story. I think in reality I'm much more like the girl with the big clothes and the bag of books but people bought the story that I'm a sex symbol. So guys don't throw themselves at me, they run away from me.''
Ummm. this isn't what you told me Sharon. All those flowers, the hundreds of letters written by painstakingly cutting all those words out of  newspapers, and showing up in your hallway that night and now you want men to throw themselves at you? Geez I know women can be fickle but this is ridiculous. By the way that letter the judge gave me expires in 90 days so give me a call.

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