Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Barbie Got Back

Big news on the Barbie front! And just in time for Christmas too isn't that amazing? Mattel Toys plans on honoring some "Sheroes" so each person has a Barbie Doll made in their likeness and all proceeds will be donated to charity. Get it? They're women so they're she's, but also heroes! Put the two words together and you get sheroes! HAHA That's great! It's weird how there wasn't already a word for hero that applied only to women. Oh I don't know something like heroine maybe. Is that a word? But I guess you don't want to be selling little kids heroine. Anyway Ava DuVernay is getting one, and it's big big news and why wouldn't she? I mean she worked promotional services on Shrek the Third, and Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. Still no word on why somebody like OSS member, trained assassin and World War II spy Julia Child won't be getting one but I'm sure there's a good reason.

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