Friday, December 11, 2015

Nick Cannon is Not Having Sex

Nick Cannon was on the Ellen DeGenerres or however you spell it show for reasons I don't really understand and she wanted to know about his sex life, again for reasons I really don't quite understand.
When Ellen asked him about booty calls, things got a bit awkward. "No!" he replied. "I'm being celibate, I'm trying to work on myself. No sex right now."
For some reason Nick Cannon saying he's celibate sounds like a threat more than anything. Maybe it's the hat. By the way, I have a crisp $100 bill I'll give you if his car doesn't have TV's in the headrests. And Ellen Dengeous using phrases like "booty call" is embarrassing. It sounds like my grandma is trying to be hip or maybe a WASPy guy down at the country club talking to one of the waitstaff..."Hey that's groovy man, what are you doing this weekend are you going to smoke some "doobie joints? That would be far out wouldn't it?"  Take it easy Ellen it's already your show you don't have to be "cool" anymore.

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