Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Going to Hell. Need a Lift?

...And then I said, bring me more corn on the cob!!!

Oh man. If you need more proof that I'm gonna spend a day or two in Hell once I'm finally worm food, I did nothing but laugh through this whole story.

A Vietnam veteran was left with horrific injuries after an electronic cigarette blew up in his mouth, knocking out all of his teeth and part of his tongue.
Tom Holloway, 57 of Niceville, Florida screamed (HA!) as the device exploded and debris melted everything it touched as it flew around a room at home.

Now even not smoking is bad for your teeth and gums. It's probably a lucky break that he lives in Florida since I'm sure all the retirees are constantly losing their dentures, Just keep your eyes focused on the ground I'm sure you'll stumble across some eventually.

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