Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sexiest Woman I've ever Seen

 I suddenly have strange feelings this morning. Could it be love? I bet it is. I won't let you come between me and my woman!

According to BRW 2012 rich 200 list, Ms. Rinehart’s net worth is now $29.7 billion. That tops Ms. Walton’s $26 billion pile. Ms. Rinehart’s fortune has nearly tripled over the past year – at the rate of more than $1 million per hour

Sometimes it's not all about looks, or how someone dresses, or their personality or sense of humor. Sometimes it's about the things you can't really see. Like the $29 billion dollars they have in the bank. Oh sure you could call me an unscrupulous man-whore, or a gigolo, or even a disgusting human being, but you better yell it because I won't be able to hear you over the Lamborghini with the blower, and lift kit, and machine guns on the front that I'll be driving past you at 195 miles an hour.

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