Saturday, May 26, 2012

WTF Is Wrong With the Japanese?

Is this story real? This story cannot be real...

Mao Sugiyama had his penis and testicles surgically removed in March and kept them frozen for two months before dishing them out – seasoned and braised – to customers at an event hall on May 13, according to postings on his Twitter account and local police. Diners paid 20,000 yen ($250) for the plate with a portion of genitals. Pictures published on a website appeared to show the meal came complete with mushrooms and a parsley garnish.
 Did everybody in Japan suddenly decide that Human Centipedes weren't disgusting enough? Is this all because of that nuclear reactor explosion? What is wrong with them?

By the way, I used that Kristen Bell picture for two reasons. Number 1, I would set a bag full of puppies on fire just to be able to touch her hair, and B. you don't want to type "Chopped Off Penis" into Google images with the safe search turned off. Trust me.

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