Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Happened to Nicole Eggert?

 Hey! I remember the Nicole Eggert on the left. The one on the right? Not so much. I imagine that back pack is stuffed with Oreo Cookies, and those fried chicken breast sandwiches they sell at KFC.

See? This is what happens to you when you start squirting out a bunch of kids, and stop caring. I bet her husband is thrilled. Way to ruin my day Daily Mail. Let the excuses begin!

'You know how Hollywood is. When you go on auditions and you look great and gorgeous and then they say you look old, that’s a bit of a kicker.
'On anybody else the weight gain wouldn’t have been as noticeable.
'She wasn’t really that heavy, but she was on Baywatch and everyone expected her to still be that. She’s not 18 anymore.'
The weight wouldn't have been noticeable on anyone else? Who? Gabourey Sidibe? But the source is right, she's not 18 anymore. She's 40.  Gee that's really over the hill. You know who else isn't 18 anymore? Sandra Bullock (Turns 48 in July). Jennifer Aniston (turned 43 in February) Gina Gershon (50 in June) Mira Sorvino (She shockingly turns 45 in September, and has three or four kids). Oh and here's Raquel Welch before she turns seventy two in a few months. I suppose your next question would be would I do it with a 72 year old? The short answer to that would be yes. The long answer to that would be yes please. What kind of question is that? What are you. Some kind of pervert?

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