Monday, March 21, 2016

Amy Schumer is a Financial Genius

This originally started as a story about Amy Schumer wearing a bikini. She's cute and all I guess but I'm still not sure I know who she is besides being a comedienne and anyway from what I hear she's a joke thief. Plus she looks pretty average in a bikini. Imagine a doughy, white college girl that drinks too much on the weekends and viola. There you go. But buried in that story was the tale of Amy Schumer leaving a $1000 tip on a $77 dollar bar tab. The writer was of course gushing over her generosity because that's what idiots do. Amy Schumer could set a puppy on fire and people would still kiss her ass for some reason. But I say, So what? She has a net worth of $10 million dollars. I'm not sure WHY she has $10 million dollars or how she made it but that's life. Who can explain it. $1000 dollars to her is literally nothing. It's meaningless.

 If you put $10 million dollars in the bank and just let it sit there -- you don't even have to do anything -- just ignore it like it wasn't there, the interest would pile up so fast you couldn't spend it all. If you had a 1.5% annual percentage rate on $10 million, that would equate to $150,000 per year in interest. That is about $12,500 per month. That's FREE MONEY. And some people like the waiter that served her probably earn $12,500 a year. I guess my only question then is, why isn't Amy Schumer, leaving $1000 tips for every low paid bartender or waiter? What's so generous about handing someone what to her amounts to a couple of dollars? She could lose $1000 in the street tomorrow and most likely wouldn't even notice, unlike me who'd wind up homeless or working as a prostitute over that same amount of money. I guess she's saving up for her inevitable flame out which should be coming any time now.

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