Monday, March 7, 2016

!!BREAKING NEWS!! Star Wars The Saga Never Ends

 Director J.J. Abrams, who by the way actually is a little short for a stormtrooper, discussed the possibility of more and more and more Star Wars movies could be treated to a whole new level of immersion in a Galaxy far, far away, as Disney are reported to be currently planning up to 10 more releases following The Force Awakens.Following Episode VII's triumphant release in December studio bosses are already said to be planning a slew of new titles under the franchise, as well as character spin-offs.

 Just 10?! Why not 100? This should go on forever and ever. Maybe make one with Batman. "Batman VS Boba Fett: The Force is Now" Or maybe "Star Wars Episode 88: Leia is in Her Bikini Again!" The possibilities really are endless.  They could have the people from the X-Files in one. Maybe whatever TV show is hip at the time could be included. Like remember when everyone watched The Sons of Anarchy? Bikers from Outer Space. Maybe they could have one where Luke goes back in time and accidentally keeps Darth Vader from meeting his mother and him and Yoda have to figure out a way to make sure everything works out okay and get him back to the future without using the force. I'm sure you'll be in line for every one of them. Nerd.

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