Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ben and Amy End it All

Amy Schumer and Ben Schumer broke up. I'm not sure his last name is Schumer and I didn't check even though it's part of the title of this linked story then again I don't care what his last name is and you'll never hear about him from this point forward anyway so why should I bother to learn it? They look like every dumbshit 20 something couple you'd see in Edison Park in Chicago. They all dress up like that for a night on the town, they're all upper-middle class and SUPER white. You know those "white girl drunk" jokes? Like that. Imagine a lot of paper tiaras and people high fiving and getting wacky.  alright I've pissed myself off now good luck with your break up Ben and Jerry it's a shame because I loved your ice cream.

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