Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Funday for the Ladies

Patrick Wilson is on The Gold Coast somewhere and he went jogging with his shirt off like all studs do. He was on The Gold Coast filming some DC Comics movie but comics are dumb and comics movies are even dumber so I don't care. I think it's Aquaman? And once again I'm not sure where "The Gold Coast" is. I know there's one in Africa I think. South Africa? And I know there's at least two here in the Chicago area. One on Lake Shore Drive like where Oprah lived, and the other starting roughly in Deerfield and going all the way up to Lake Forest.

 If you get the chance, go drive through Lake Forest. There are houses there that looks like Batman lives there. People that live there have private planes and limousines with drivers. I went to a party this one time at this guy's house who's dad was the owner or president or whatever he was of Wilson Electronics and a 100 year old rich guy showed up in his limo, and his driver just stood there outside the door of the car like you'd see in the movies. Just stood there waiting to open the car door for this guy in the cold on New Year's Eve. I'll never forget that. They have servant's quarters and old money people that walk around with monocles. I once dated a girl from there that lived next-door to Walgreen's. Not a pharmacy, the goddamn Walgreens. The people that owned it. I don't know what happened to her. I don't even remember her name. Anyway, keep up the good work Patrick Wilson I already forgot what you're doing and who you are.

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