Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sam Faiers is 27

Sam Faiers is some actress in England I think that was in a movie (?) called The Mummy Diaries which I guess is probably a scary version of the Mommy Diaries? I'm well informed.  I've never heard of her but she was in London for something. Judging by how she's dressed I'd guess she was there visiting 1987. The original story, which I'm of course I didn't read am not linking, said she was 27. 27? C'mon. I know British women always look 10 years older than they are - and my rule about women become more attractive after 30 is pretty well established case law around here so it's not as if it matters to me - but please. 27? She's 35 minimum. But okay I'll believe your little tale but I want to see a birth certificate and at least two forms of ID and her phone number. You know. Just in case.

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