Friday, October 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton for Halloween

Who Wants to be Hillary Clinton for Halloween. The Clinton campaign thinks that's a swell idea because the Clinton campaign has a lot of good ideas. If you still think it's 1969 that is. Can you be a "slutty" Hillary Clinton? My guess would be no but hey whatever floats your boat. I'll be the one in the picture above

"Hey man like, freaky! Hey who wants to go check out some acid rock and maybe smoke some reefer cigarettes with my new boyfriend Bill? Have you guys seen that new movie Billy Jack it's so cool the way that Indian really showed it to The Man isn't it?"

I'll be the life of the party. The best part will be when I leave, I'll take half the jackets everybody left in the spare bedroom when they arrived and take them with me to give to homeless people and drunks who will in turn sell them for drugs. It's a good plan that can't fail like all other Democratic plans

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