Saturday, October 31, 2015

Who Are These People

I was looking for a specific picture on my desktop for yet another one of my hilarious stories and I accidentally clicked on this. I know I saved it for some reason but I have absolutely no idea who they are or why it's there so I'm going to try to decipher it with only the information I have.  Some guy with an Abraham Lincoln beard and enormous feet met a girl at the MGM Grand Casino. They had a brief weekend fling that she'll be embarrassed about for most of the rest of her life. Oh sure she'll tell her best friend about that dork she slept with by accident in Las Vegas but swears her to secrecy forever and her friend will promise never to tell until she starts dating a guy the friend likes and then she'll passively mention the weekend affair to the guy one night when they all meet up at TGI Fridays for a Pick Three-Free-For-All when she leaves the table to go to the bathroom. See? That's why girls always go to the bathroom in pairs so they don't divulge each other's secrets.

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