Monday, February 13, 2017

Britney is at Elta Davis Red Carpet Gala Festival

Well here's my first Britney Spears story since I came back from that other place. You knew I wouldn't keep you waiting. I was going to say how good she looked in that dress but I'm more concerned about her face being a different color than her body. Why is that? I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about. And frankly I'm not really sure I care too much. Yet.

 Oh and by the way I was told by a certain blogging platform that I need to do a better job of crediting my pictures just before I deleted my account there. If I want to be constantly bitched at, I'll start listening to my girlfriend. So instead of making you looking down into the corner of the picture where they're already labeled for me, I'll go to the extra step of changing the properties of the photo labels from here on out. So in case you have a problem looking down and left make sure you wave your mouse over the picture so you can tell where the picture came from. You'll be like an investigative copy-write attorney or something. Congratulations on your promotion.

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