Thursday, February 9, 2017

Jennifer Lopez Stumbles

Some people are asking if Jennifer Lopez shared this "sexy" photo to her Instagram by "accident". Yes I'm sure that's exactly what happened. It was an accident. She had a professional photographer along with a couple of lighting guys and a make up artist take the picture, then it was handed to her assistant who added filters and photoshopped out any flaws, then it was sent back to her phone where she hit the little Instagram app with her thumb signed on to her account and uploaded the picture, then hit "next",  then the share button so it could be sent to all of her other social media accounts, and then hit "send". All by accident. It must have been like watching Mr. Bean cook Thanksgiving dinner. By the way, I always cover up the simpering comments left on these Instagram photos by creepy men with people that have me blocked on Twitter. There's no reason for everyone to suffer having to read them.

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