Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jamie Foxx Hears Things

Two drunk guys in Croatia called creepy weirdo Jamie Foxx a Nigger. Wow. Shocking. And I'm not replacing letters with stars as in n*****. If you can't look at words you need to grow the fuck up. Anyhoo, despite what they want you to believe, people in Europe generally, and Eastern Europe specifically are some of the most racist people on Earth. I live around a lot of Eastern European transplants if you don't believe me about their racism, I'll introduce you to some of them. The only people that are worse are South Africans. It's part of who they are. It's encoded in their DNA. So they run around and try to deflect it by calling Americans racist which compared to them is like calling a cigarette lighter a blow torch.

I knew a guy from South Africa that told me they have this eight lane superhighway there, and you know how you see people carrying baskets of clothes or food on their heads in Africa? Well he told me that the "kaffirs" would try to walk across this eight lane superhighway while carrying those things and you'd see baskets flying everywhere. They just run them down. They don't even bother to swerve or try to stop. And sometimes they swerve intentionally to hit them. They don't even consider them human. Hell, they barely consider them animals.  It's still like the 1830's there. They literally hunt people for sport in South Africa. They probably don't do that in Croatia anymore but only because everybody is too busy stumbling around drunk like all Europeans.

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