Thursday, June 25, 2015

Courtney Love Hates France

Courtney Love was caught up in some anti-Uber protest because people in France are usually grumpy after they wake up from their siesta or whatever the fuck it is they do there after they have their lunch wine. But that's not what this is about because the French suck and they could melt down the Eiffel Tower and use the steel to build more mosques for all I care I don't have to live there. No this is a warning against doing drugs because Courtney Love is 50.

Know who else is 50? The following people:

                              51                                        51                                          53

Sometimes it's not the age it's the mileage. I would kick your grandmother down the stairs to have sex with Sandra Bullock or Gina Gershon. And don't even ask what I'd do for both at once. Of course things would be different if I thought that Janice the bass player from the Muppet Band was hot then I'd probably be all over Courtney Love.

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