Friday, June 12, 2015

Salma Hayek Doesn't Work Out

Salma Hayek and her tits told People Magazine she never works out
Some people have the discipline to exercise in the morning, and I didn’t develop that. I don’t have time to exercise. I am working,” she says. “I’ve had some 20-hour days.”
Sure.  I bet she'd find a gym real quick if she ballooned up like Marlon Brando or they had to break out a wall to get her to her doctor's appointment, and her billionaire husband found someone half her age and also half her size   But seriously I don't care if she works out as long as the woman in that picture is the end result. And I also don't care if she's 28 or 48 she's exactly the kind of woman I'd build in my garage if I had the ability and if I wasn't told to stay away from the cemetery by that guy with the rake.

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