Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kourtney Kardashian is a Fitness Guru

The Daily Mail says Kourtney Kardashian weighs 116 pounds again and I've never been so excited.
She jumped on the treadmill and lifted weights to get toned a source said of the 36 year old. "And she drank a special kind of tea"
 A special magical weight loss tea? What'll they think of next. C'mon. She's 5 feet tall. I know some 5 foot tall 110-ish pounders and that ain't her. Maybe they're just talking about her huge freak ass. That thing probably weighs 116 pounds all by itself. Or it's possible they're using the scale of what she would weigh on the moon because of it's lower gravity. Maybe she could do that thing where you drop a feather and a bowling ball and guess which one lands first, or she could jump way up in the air. It even looks like she's wearing her moon boots so the timing is perfect.

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