Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Daisy Lea NUDE and the Xerox Machine

This is Playboy Playmate Daisy Lea. I didn't know they had Playmates anymore. I thought they stopped showing nudity or stopped printing Playboy or the building burned down, or whatever happened to Playboy. I was going to write the usual "Isn't she hot?!" or maybe "My future ex-wife..." or "blah, blah, blah..." or some other smart ass and as usual, totally hilarious story but -- another six foot blonde with big boobs? -- Hurray. Maybe I'm getting old or something but after a while all these cookie cutters start to look exactly like the last "Hottest Woman in the World!" from six months ago. I'm sure she's probably very sweet, and helps blind kids or something and it's not her fault at all. I could just be in a bad mood who knows. Maybe I need to just buckle down, get to work, and look around at some other mostly naked or totally naked women that always makes me feel better. Thanks Daisy Lea for inspiring me.

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