Friday, April 22, 2016

George Clooney Leans on a Motorcycle

George Clooney is on the May cover for Esquire Magazine's special edition "World's Sexiest Periodontists" issue. I have no idea why I think George Clooney looks like a handsome dentist, or maybe a really good looking Home Depot employee, or maybe that guy from that one place where your mom goes all the time now. Seriously I have no idea. And I actually like George Clooney. Well, I like George Clooney movies. Okay I like From "Dusk Til Dawn". Did you ever see that one movie he's in where he makes the goats faint with psychic powers or whatever the hell it is? What about that one where he's an army guy saving art from the Nazis in WWII or whatever. Jesus I really have no idea how this guy keeps his job.

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