Thursday, August 10, 2017

Beth Stern is Photogenic

Howard Stern's 45 year old wife Beth Stern did a photo shoot for Social Life Magazine and I'm glad she did, I don't even care why. It was mystery to me why she's married to Howard Stern, I mean, have you ever seen the guy? And then I found out he has $600 million dollars and earns $90 million dollars a year. And that opened up a whole new set of questions for me. I don't know why anyone would pay him $9 dollars for anything forget about $90 million but it's not my money, if you want to flush it down the toilet knock yourself out. 

I like to imagine I can hear the conversation when they met...
 "Hi I'm a six foot tall blonde that looks like I escaped from a Nazi genetics program in Switzerland and you look like somebody's Aunt Ethel from the Bronx why would I want to be involved with you? Oh you have $600 million dollars? I bet I could make this work"
It's all in a day's work. Just another mystery of the universe solved by your humble and incredibly handsome blogger.

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