Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cody Simpson is a Stud

Australian "rocker" Cody Simpson went jogging yesterday with his shirt off. I have no idea why people do that especially since he doesn't look particularly ripped or anything, he looks like a thin 20 year old. Which is exactly what he is. The guy is 20 years old. My goddamn car is 20 years old. Being from Australia I deduced that he probably isn't related to Jessica Simpson although I guess he still could be I mean, you never know right? His running shoes look awfully new. I mean there isn't a piece of dirt or a scrape on them. I bet he's probably running because he just stole them for this photo op.  We have to do something about immigration in this country. All these illegal Australian criminal types coming here committing crimes it's like a damn free for all for these people.

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