Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kelly Ripa Has a Giant Head

Photo on the right may not be accurate. For representation purposes only
Some guy named Mark Consuelos shared the left side picture of Kelly Ripa on his Instagram, possibly because they're married but I don't know. Are they married? Maybe he's just a really big fan. Otherwise why didn't she take off her hat? Probably to hide her enormous fucking head and she just didn't want to blot out the Sun. That goddamn thing is like one of those big red punching balloons you used to buy when you were a kid. Or at least when I was a kid. Do they even still sell those things? Who knows, with kids today their parents are probably worried punching a balloon sends the wrong message, or maybe they're worried their stupid kid will choke on the rubber band they're supposed to hold on too, or maybe they can't afford a helmet AND a punching balloon who really knows. Honest to Christ what a bunch of sissies kids are now.

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