Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brooklyn Blue Kicked off the X Factor

I don't know who Brooklyn Blue is (real name Becky Constantinou) and I would never have recognized her, but apparently some security guard did and after making it through three rounds of tryouts for the X Factor in the UK and she says because of it she was "grassed up" whatever the hell that means.  I assume it means kicked off.
Becky, who according to her IMDB profile has starred in ten porn films and adult TV series, explains: 'I know X Factor is a family show, but porn shouldn't define who I am. I was never going to put on a sex show for Simon.'
 As far as porn stars go she's okay I guess. I was going to post a different picture but they're all either very sexually explicit -- which I actually don't mind so much -- or they're her in the back of limos doing the sideways peace sign with a crooked baseball hat making a kissy face and I don't want anything that disgusting on my blog.

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