Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pointless Brooke Burke Story

Brooke Burke was at an award ceremony with her husband David Charvet but I forgot which ceremony because I closed the tab before I wrote this and I'm not searching for it again so this story might go off the rails pretty quick. I have a good excuse though. I didn't look for the story because I have other more important things to do. For instance, I'd like to mention to Brooke that I'm 6'1 and since Brooke is 5'7 it appears her husband is around 5'10? Maybe? In case she ever reads this I'd also bring up the fact that don't have a faux-hawk. I will freely admit that I don't own a tuxedo but let's not get all highfalutin just yet okay miss big shot? I said I'd get one okay get off my back.

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