Thursday, July 23, 2015

Joe Wicks is a Dream Boat

After some soul searching I realized that maybe the stories I write are a bit heavy with women that make up perhaps one half of 1% of the human population of the Earth just because I'm attracted to them, so here's a little treat for the ladies. His name is Joe Wicks and he's a 29 year old fitness coach from somewhere but I'm not sure where because I stopped reading the story once I found his name. Isn't he adorable? And those abs! And  since he's 29 years old and a part of the new generation of men he probably builds furniture in his spare time, wears his hair up in a bun, and will talk to you about his feelings until you want to claw his fucking eyes out. Oh sure you'll have to call your dad to come help you when you get a flat tire but Joe will be there waiting for you when you get home. Maybe he'll be working on a poem, stir frying some beans or cleaning the tub or something.

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