Friday, October 7, 2016

Demi Lovato is Hairy

There was a sexy Instagram picture of Demi Lovato she recently posted where you could kind of see her butt so I went to go grab it so I could show you guys until I got hypnotized by her eyebrows. Man those things are big aren't they? I bet she has a mustache too. She's cute but you can tell she's extremely hairy. I bet she's Italian or Greek or something. How do you know who the bride is at an Italian wedding? She's the hairiest one there. Anyway listen, there is no way I'm sharing my razors with you. Look man those things are expensive okay? So get your own. Or go get electrolysis or whatever it's called you're rich enough.  And as usual I thought I'd spare you the asinine comments left by creeps from Albania, or Bulgaria or wherever those Instagram commenters are from by covering them up with yet another person that has me blocked on Twitter

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