Monday, October 24, 2016

Mariah Carey's Calendar is Broken

Mariah Carey dressed up as a pudgy devil for Halloween on Saturday even though Halloween isn't until next Monday. I guess Halloween is a month long now along with some of our other stretched out holidays. Christmas is two months, people have birthday "weekends".... Hell a baby shower can go on for what seems like years

 Other guests who went all out for the festive bash included Tameka "Tiny" Cottie, Floyd Mayweather, Master P and Tamar Braxton who brought her whole family along.

The guest list was a real who's who of who's that. Out of curiosity I Googled Tameka "Tiny" Cottie to she if she was really tall, or really fat, you know how people are given nicknames opposite their appearance? Kind of like calling a midget "Stretch". Well no she looked pretty short so Tiny seems fitting. Other acceptable nicknames for her could have been, The Fire Hydrant, Bowling Ball and possibly Mini-Fridge. I hope your party was a success Mariah. Don't worry I'll be there next week for your big annual Fourth of July bash. I'll bring the potato salad and malt liquor.

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