Monday, October 31, 2016

Zoe Saldana and The Vampire Wars

Zoe Saldana Of "Star Trek Wars" fame was at a film festival that was sponsored by Gucci. I hope she arrived in a limo that had those really big 24 inch rims and a flat billed hat since that seems to be Gucci's target audience. I'm not sure which "Star Fighter" movies she was in since there are so many of them now I lost track. I know about the one where Luke blows up the Death Star, The one where Captain Kirk yells about Khan, and the one with the whales. She must be in one of those. Or maybe it was a remake of one of those. Maybe they'll tie it all together on the 65th anniversary release that I heard was going to be called "Star Spank: The Attack of the Sort of Famous B-List People". The one thing I do know is, she went with her husband Frenchman, Marco Perego, and I have $50 that says that guy thinks he's a vampire. She had to have armed body guards hold him at gunpoint while he got dressed so he wouldn't put on the frilly tuxedo shirt with the giant poofy sleeves. "Zoe where is my vial of teenager blood you know I have to taste blood before I go to a party" he probably said. Hollywood people are always such frigin creeps.

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