Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker Walks Around

Sarah Jessica Parker was out promoting her new HBO series "Divorce" in New York because only New York and Los Angeles exist as places as far as Hollywood people are concerned. You know, I always thought she was strangely attractive.  People make fun of her but you should look so good when you're 51, and besides, they aren't married to Ferris Bueller now are they. At least I think she's still married to him. Personally I think Sloane would have been a better choice to be honest, because she had a sexy accent didn't she? Like a very slight one. Plus she seemed adventurous, like she'd steal a car with you and go skinny dipping and maybe go on a cross-country crime spree if you were funny and handsome and muscular and handsome and maybe had an old pick up truck. In conclusion: Save Ferris.

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