Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rita Ora Pretends to be Cool

Rita Ora is always on all the British celebrity sites. Mostly because she's British, I can't really think of any other reason.  It certainly can't be because she came home from dinner last night I mean who cares? She's a singer of some kind, probably rap or whatever people listen to now a days when they aren't watching "Lip Sync Battle". Remember when everyone pretended to be into "World Music". It had something to do with Hacky Sack or juggling sticks or Seattle or something, once again I don't know.  I pay attention to trends like I paid attention in school.  Speaking of which, I really wrote this mostly to say I had that exact shirt in high school. And I'll bet you my last 25 cents Rita Ora couldn't name one single Cheap Trick song. She probably bought that thinking she was supporting oppressed sex trade workers or something. By the way if I lose the bet I'll have to owe you.

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