Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kristy Swanson Does things

I accidentally discovered Kristy "Vampire Slayer" Swanson's Instagram account. I'm not really sure how because I was avoiding all the usual places I look for stories because apparently there was some kind of election and some people are - shall we say - disappointed with the result so I just tried to avoid that whole swamp all together, and figured I 'd just try again tomorrow. But she's still pretty hot and from what I can tell as I scrolled through her account looking for bikini pictures that she rides motorcycles and there isn't anything much hotter than a woman riding a motorcycle. Well, except for me riding a motorcycle but that's a totally different story and I think we'll all just let Kristy decide for herself if that's true as we ride off into the sunset together on our "hogs". That's biker lingo for motorcycle for all of you that don't know. Call me Kristy we can pop some wheelies and jump some sweet ramps. None of that was meant as a double entendre by the way.

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