Friday, November 4, 2016

Me Wear Suit. Grab Pretty Girl.

Jenna Dewan attended the Fulfillment Fund Stars Gala in Los Angeles, with her husband, noted scientist, and narrow eyed hunchback Channing Tatum. I have a feeling con-men thrive in Los Angeles by making up fake fundraisers so dimwitted celebrities can show up and hand over all of their money. "Fulfillment Fund Stars Gala"? I mean c'mon man, that doesn't even sound real.  And I always thought Channing Nedham probably talked like Tarzan when he wasn't repeating a script. "Me have chicken and banana" he tells the exasperated waitress while stabbing at the menu with his thumb. Meanwhile Jenna is trapped in the stairwell when she tried to find the bathroom to make sure her make up still made her look like she wasn't so dead behind the eyes. Yes, Hollywood sounds like a magical Wonderland.

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