Monday, April 17, 2017

Coachella Annoys Me

A few people have asked me why Coachella rankles me so much. That picture alone should give you your answer. I didn't have to hunt for that picture of those two girls because every single girl looked like that. They're all dressed up in some sort of ridiculous EDM/Slutty Halloween costume. So Coachella is basically a big costume party, where people who think they're hip (but they aren't)  go and hang out while they're dressed like idiots. That's only a minor annoyance though really. If you want to dress like a moron no one is stopping you, knock yourself out.

No my biggest problem -among many-  is the ticket prices and the shitty bands. Face value prices for a three day pass for Weekend One (What?! How long does this shit show last?) is $399. That means excluding every other cost, two tickets for one couple that wants to see Radiohead, for whatever reason you'd want to do that is nearly $1000. And they go up from there. One thousand dollars. To see Lady Gaga. You'd have to be a Grade A imbecile with way way too much money to spend $1000+ on this. I can't remember the last time I even had $1000. But you know what? it's your money. Frankly, flushing it down the toilet would be a lot easier and you wouldn't even have to worry about parking. I'm tired of bitching about this. Go. Do whatever the fuck you want. I just want to not have to read about it everywhere I look for the next two weeks.

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